Managing Print Shops

Overview of Print Shops

What are Print Shops?

When should you use them?

A Print Shop represents a physical order fulfillment location, such as an in-plant, copy center, or warehouse. Print Shops create an online presence for your offline print and order processing facilities.

To map your site to your offline print facilities and their specific output devices and companies for order processing.

What is a “Print Shop”?

A Print Shop represents a physical order fulfillment location, such as an in-plant, copy center, or warehouse. Each Print Shop added to the system will be linked to specific output devices and companies. Customers who have access to more than one Print Shop will be able to change their Print Shop (e.g., to do business with a Print Shop closer to their home).

 Note: The MarketDirect StoreFront Essential version of MarketDirect StoreFront is limited to one (1) Print Shop.

One or multiple Print Shops?

You may determine that the best design for your business is to have multiple Print Shops set up in the system. Multiple Print Shops is a licensable option.

For example, Print Shops can represent geographic Print Shops or different sites for different customer markets. In essence, each Print Shop becomes an online store where your customers can select from the products and services available, which you will add to for a particular Print Shop during the set-up process.

After creating a new Print Shop, it is recommended that you create an administrator account for the Print Shop, which will enable you to access the Administrative tools for the Print Shop; however, one administrator can manage multiple Print Shops from a single account if required.

During set-up, it is recommended that you create only one Print Shop until other parts of the system are up and running. At a later time, you can easily copy the information from this Print Shop and adjust it for any additional Print Shops.

The Default Print Shop

MarketDirect StoreFront ships with a default Print Shop that takes its name from the server on which MarketDirect StoreFront is installed. This Print Shop is simply a placeholder in the system. You can rename this default Print Shop with a descriptive name for one of your production shops. If you have more than one physical Print Shop or shop that produces jobs, you will need to create a “Print Shop” in MarketDirect StoreFront for each of them. For example, if your company is “PrintCo” and you have three production shops—one in Baltimore, one in Sacramento, and one in Chicago, you will need to create and configure three Print Shops in the system (e.g., PrintCo-Baltimore, PrintCo-Sacramento, PrintCo-Chicago).

Creating & Editing Print Shops

Tip: To edit an existing Print Shop, open the Print Shop and follow the instructions in this section (minus, of course, the steps for adding new Print Shops).

On the Print Shop page—

1.        To create a new Print Shop: Click Add New Print Shop to create a new Print Shop


2.        To edit an existing Print Shop: Click the name of the Print Shop in the table.

Note: The default Print Shop (i.e., with the name of the server on which MarketDirect StoreFront is installed) is the pre-installed Print Shop. You can change this name.  

Tip: The Show drop-down list lets you limit the number of Print Shops that display per page so you can quickly locate the Print Shop you are looking for.   

3.        For complete instructions on configuring your Print Shop, go to Add or Edit Print Shop.

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