Merchant Accounts

Overview of Merchant Accounts & Payment Processing

Note: MarketDirect StoreFront is PCI compliant when used in conjunction with PCI compliant Paypal or CyberSource hosted gateways.

You can set up merchant accounts in MarketDirect StoreFront to process credit card orders. You can set up more than one merchant account as needed. For instance, you could set up separate merchant accounts for two or more Print Shops. Let’s say your account has two production facilities (Print Shops), one in Baltimore and one in Sacramento. The Baltimore Print Shop accepts customer payments via VISA and MasterCard (as specified on the “Print Shops” page); the Sacramento Print Shop accepts all major cards (i.e., American Express Corporate, Australian BankCard, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Visa). You can set up a separate merchant account in the system for each Print Shop to present customers only with the payment options accepted at that Print Shop. You can also share merchant accounts between Print Shops.

Warning: Remember that you cannot setup multiple currencies in MarketDirect StoreFront. Your site must have a single currency standard that applies to all monetary transactions. See Configure Pricing Settings for more information.

The Merchant Accounts page is where you will set up MarketDirect StoreFront’s e-commerce features to work with a host of supported payment gateways. Integrating credit card payment processing with your web storefront will streamline your e-commerce workflow from order placement through checkout. MarketDirect StoreFront currently supports the following payment gateways:

         In the United States:




         E-xact (North America)

         First Atlantic Commerce

         PayPal Payflow Pro

         PayPal Payflow Pro Hosted (hosted solution)

         PayPal Payments Pro


         CyberSource Secure Acceptance - Hosted (hosted solution)


         In Europe:

         Ingenico (formerly Ogone e-commerce)

         PayU (Europe)



         In Latin America:


         PayU (Latin America)

         In South America:

         Pagador Braspag

         In Australia and New Zealand:



         In Malaysia:


         In China:


(Self-Hosted Sites) Digital Server Certificates

For credit card processing, MarketDirect StoreFront requires a valid digital server certificate installed on your site to establish an SSL connection and process credit card transactions. A digital server certificate is an electronic file that uniquely identifies a server so the client computer (i.e., running the Web browser) can authenticate the server prior to establishing the secure session. Digital certificates are typically signed by a trusted third party to ensure their validity and are required for credit card orders placed in MarketDirect StoreFront. If you do not have a valid server certificate installed on your site, customers paying with credit cards will not be able to check out. They will get a 404 or Page Not Found error. Server certificates work with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, which is the standard method for securing data transmissions across the Internet. SSL uses public and private key encryption to provide data security by encrypting the customer’s credit card number and other information when it is being communicated to the card processor. The certificate your customers will validate:

Note:  For instructions on purchasing, installing, and enabling a digital server certificate on your site, contact your merchant account holder, such as:

for Payflow Pro or Payflow Pro Hosted, consult Payflow Pro SSL Services on the Web at
for CyberSource, consult and services/associated services/
for PayPal Payments Pro, consult

After purchasing a digital server certificate, you will be directed to instructions for installing it on the version of IIS server you are running the system on.

Set Up a Merchant Account

         To set up a merchant account (or edit an existing one) see Add or Edit a Merchant Account.

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